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I am Ernie Yarbrough, and I am so glad you are here. I hope you find a place of encouragement, friendship and wisdom here as you {with me} seek God’s direction for some of the most important and foundational areas of our lives.

I am both a freedom fighter – as you can see from my “Yarbrough 4 House” page – and also a lover of localism as way to “do and think about life”. This website exists to simultaneously encourage you in 3 key areas – faith, family & business – while also serving as a launch pad for defending, restoring and supporting these 3 key components in the halls of our government.

I was raised in rural North Alabama {Lawrence County}, homeschooled, and am now married to my childhood sweetheart. Together we have 4 precious children on earth and 1 in heaven. I am a degreed Electrical Engineer from UAH {University of Alabama at Huntsville}, worked for 10 years at Nucor Steel in Decatur, Alabama, and am now self-employed along with my incredible wife who runs her own amazing health & wellness business. We LOVE family, reading, healthy living, serving in our local church and working out at CrossFit. We also homeschool our kiddos!

From my earliest days, my father surrounded me with a love of reading great books and lots of practical application as he taught me and brought me into his businesses to work. As a serial entrepreneur, my dad often had me in the exciting atmosphere of American industry and a wide host of business applications. I fell in love with the idea of solving problems, meeting needs, and expressing the image of God in us by creating through work.

My mother is a tremendous woman of faith. She literally prayed me into salvation, and for all these years has left a little red cord hanging in the bathroom window. This reminded her of Rahab and the promises of household salvation for those who put their token of faith in the windows of their homes. She also has a great love for home and for gardening. All of these things were a regular part of my life, and I am immensely better for them.

My parents suffered and battled for freedom of education on the American homeschool frontier of the 1980s. I saw first-hand the importance of standing for our values. I learned the importance of forming children’s minds with the love and knowledge of God. Our spiritual foundations form an essential support for living to the glory of God and the good of our neighbors rather than for public praise or selfish benefit. I also learned how a deep conviction of eternal truth and precious freedoms inspire, shape and mold the coming generations to new heights of intellectual, spiritual and ministry excellence.

Ernie Yarbrough: About

I have a real love for faith, family and business. I want to see these areas thrive for the real good of individuals and families around us. It is my hope that, now more than ever, Deuteronomy 4:6-8 will come to pass. Our nation was built on these principles, and these principles still provide the best security for freedom — liberty and justice for all!

Ernie Yarbrough: Faith | Family | Business

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