Human Trafficking

A few years ago, I had the AMAZING privilege to partner with Hope For Justice and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with one goal in mind – to raise awareness and resources to rescue children and adults from the grips of the most horrible and abominable practice of trafficking. I am PASSIONATE about freedom, not only because it gives us choices but also because history proves that freedom gives the most good to the least privileged and most abused.

I stand with law enforcement, businesses, individuals and all the power of all our institutions to rescue the victims. I will work to help set them on a path of love, education, true community and prosperity and will do ALL in my power to see that this happens in the good state of Alabama.

I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and plant the flag on the top of the mountain of freedom and liberty and justice for all. I’d sure love for you, my fellow Alabamians, to entrust me with this opportunity and join me as we rescue the down and out, the hurt and the hurting to give them an unimaginable future of hope!

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