Medical Freedom

I believe that no person, entity or government has the right to force its citizens to violate bodily autonomy. The right, blessing and freedom as individuals to make personal medical, health and wellness decisions ultimately rests in the hands of Alabama citizens.

The past few years have been very hard. Many losses, crosses and tears have been endured by Alabamians – and the world. But whether the discussion involves face masks, vaccines, or any other topic related to the our bodies, informed consent and the right to choose or deny is a VITAL and CORE foundation of freedom that must at all costs be protected. This freedom is not at odds with health – it is foundational to how health and wellness for our bodies, minds and spirits is pursued in free countries. In fact, medical freedom will actually more rapidly facilitate greater advances in health for us all.

I support the right of Alabamians to make these decisions for themselves and will fight for this freedom. We all deserve to make these personal decisions without ANY threat of coercion, persecution or job loss.

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