From my earliest days, my parents have fought for the freedom and right to choose the educational path and resources that they believed best fulfilled their responsibility to raise the children in the nurture and instruction of the Lord. Education is, after all, far more than just the reading of books – it is the passing down of a way of life.

Parents are the God-given primary decision makers, care takers and nurturers for their children. Parents love, shape and direct their children in order to give them a life-long love of learning and make them strong, rich and passionate defenders of freedom, mercy and ministry.

Educational battles are ongoing all over our country. I am very excited to see parents engaged more than ever in the education of their children. I will stand for the rights of parents, the good of our children, and the promotion of educational resources that teach our children strong principles of thinking, love of learning, and passion for this great country of America. Freedom of school choice and school board transparency are key issues.

Have we been perfect as a nation? Not at all. Do we have much to learn? Absolutely. But eating the grape and spitting out the seed is an essential quality to doing history and education. It simultaneously fulfills our responsibility to honor our fathers and mothers while at the same time realizing that growth, strength, knowledge and excellence is always reaching forward. We must do so while honoring our past and the great achievements and accomplishments that make America the most remarkable experiment in liberty the world has ever known.

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