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During my growing up years, one of the cool things I got to do was shadow my dad in many of his business endeavors. For many years, he was involved in electrical and energy related businesses and provided energy solutions to a wide host of small businesses and hospitals. I got to travel and work with him as he went into a variety of workplaces. I got to witness firsthand the incredibly rich and fertile ground of American entrepreneurial endeavors that make up the business frontier of the greatest country in the world.

I appreciate this upbringing even more now that I am married with kids and self-employed as well. So many of my friends have stories of business success. I love those stories. What is also intriguing about those stories is the journey – not just the end result. And that journey is one of constantly leveraging different tools and tech to develop their trade and craft to the point of sustainability, success and beyond.

person taking photo of the qr code
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Kobe Bryant once made the point that success is found in any endeavor when we come to love the process more than the spotlight. The boardroom of creation more than the stage of revenue sharing. It’s in the place of creation, development and idea sharpening that the fun, fire and ultimate success – under the blessing of God – is found. In the exploration of ideas, tech and tools that serve to enhance our trade, provide incredible leverage, and sharpen our creative focus to maximum productivity. The passion for the process is connected to the success much like what Proverbs says about the good name being preferred above great riches. And about wealth being gathered by labor and not vanity. The good name will secure the wealth. Labor – and not the lottery – will ensure that we know how to get and keep wealth. A commitment to good process is the key to positioning ourselves for business success.

 I’m excited to share this page with you! To share video interviews with successful entrepreneurs as they share their passions, tech and tools {physical, mental and spiritual} that have provided tremendous leverage to turn ideas into successful business endeavors. A boardroom, if you like, to spark in you and me those creative juices that are the lifeblood of enterprise!

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