Welcome to my resources page! I’m so glad you made it here and hope you’ll take the time to download these free resources and enjoy them. Below you’ll find four free PDFs that briefly address the major categories of my website – faith, family, business and worldview. Go ahead and grab them and while you’re at it leave us your email so we can keep you in the loop as we expand this page to offer much more in the coming days. Thank you and God bless you!

All Things New

How far does Jesus reach? How much of our lives does the Gospel redeem and transform? A Christmas carol leads the way.

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Better Together

God made man alone but didn’t leave him that way! See how precious the gift of family is and how looking at and living life together is such a gift!

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More Than A Pair of Shoes

Is work just work? Or does what we make – and how we make it – tell a greater story? Learn more about how work is vital to the Great Commission!

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The Importance of Being {Culturally} Earnest

Is culture more than art shows and fine dining? Should Christians be concerned about it? Learn how culture and Christ are interwoven with life and express the value of faith!

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